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Who are we?

Company Brainwash Studio s.r.o. was founded in 2011, in order to deliver rich mobile and desktop applications from users to users. Our goal is to always have simple and lightweight user interface, beside with solid and bug-free back-end, but still with lots of features users may ever need. And remember, you can contact us anytime.

What can we do?

Our main domain is developing Android applications and games for phones and tablets. We also do websites, applicatons for desktop Windows and applications for Windows Phone. Soon, we'll be capable to create applications and games for iOS. Don't be affraid to contact us if you're interested. In future, we'd like to exceed the limit of software deveopment and make hardware as well.


Application for website It's simple, fast and has some great features, like downloading articles for later and thus saving your mobile data or even work offline.

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Czech website about justice, changes in legislation and news from legal environment!


Blurry Defense

Our first, but definitely not last game. It's simple tower defense. What's really cool about it is, that it was made only in two weeks, by two people! And we made a promise, if twenty thousands people will buy it, we'll do a remake, which will be then published as free update for all who bought this version.

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How to get in touch?

There are several ways to contact us. Just select one of the four options below, which will be best for you. We'll always appreciate compliments, but we won't be mad for any complains from you. Also if you're seeking a job, let us know about your skills.